If calling one of my brides ‘ideal’ were socially acceptable and non – offensive to the others I’d definitely call Brittany ideal. What the heck I’ve already gone that far…..she’s the ideal bride. She was enthusiastic to book me, she was excited to work with me and she went above and beyond to make sure everyone at her wedding (including me) was taken care of. Kelly, too. He was just my favorite. At one point in the night I remember him giving me the biggest bear hug and I actually felt like they not only wanted me there but that I was part of their family….loading me up in my car with a big box of food for my drive home. See, ideal. Sometimes, people just make you feel special and you have to tell the internet about it.

After a couple books me for their wedding day, I send them a wedding questionnaire so I can get to know them and their wedding day a little better. One of the questions I ask is, “What were you inspired by?” and Brittany responded with, “I’m inspired by my mother’s veil, which I’m wearing for the wedding. I’m inspired by vintage, rustic things that are beautiful by just being simple.” And with that, I knew it would be a perfect fit….and you’ll see just how perfect her mother’s veil is on it’s own and worn by Brittany.

Brittany & Kelly, thank you for including me in your absolutely breathtaking beach wedding day on the most beautiful of Thursdays.

Kristin Partin Photography Brittany & Kelly Jackson_1075Kristin Partin Photography Brittany & Kelly Jackson_1075bKristin Partin Photography Brittany & Kelly Jackson_1076Kristin Partin Photography Brittany & Kelly Jackson_1077Kristin Partin Photography Brittany & Kelly Jackson_1078Kristin Partin Photography Brittany & Kelly Jackson_1079Kristin Partin Photography Brittany & Kelly Jackson_1080Kristin Partin Photography Brittany & Kelly Jackson_1081Kristin Partin Photography Brittany & Kelly Jackson_1082Kristin Partin Photography Brittany & Kelly Jackson_1083Kristin Partin Photography Brittany & Kelly Jackson_1084Kristin Partin Photography Brittany & Kelly Jackson_1085Kristin Partin Photography Brittany & Kelly Jackson_1086Kristin Partin Photography Brittany & Kelly Jackson_1087Kristin Partin Photography Brittany & Kelly Jackson_1088Kristin Partin Photography Brittany & Kelly Jackson_1089Kristin Partin Photography Brittany & Kelly Jackson_1090Kristin Partin Photography Brittany & Kelly Jackson_1091Kristin Partin Photography Brittany & Kelly Jackson_1092Kristin Partin Photography Brittany & Kelly Jackson_1093Kristin Partin Photography Brittany & Kelly Jackson_1094Kristin Partin Photography Brittany & Kelly Jackson_1095Kristin Partin Photography Brittany & Kelly Jackson_1096Kristin Partin Photography Brittany & Kelly Jackson_1098Kristin Partin Photography Brittany & Kelly Jackson_1099Kristin Partin Photography Brittany & Kelly Jackson_1100Kristin Partin Photography Brittany & Kelly Jackson_1101Kristin Partin Photography Brittany & Kelly Jackson_1102Kristin Partin Photography Brittany & Kelly Jackson_1103Kristin Partin Photography Brittany & Kelly Jackson_1104Kristin Partin Photography Brittany & Kelly Jackson_1105Kristin Partin Photography Brittany & Kelly Jackson_1106Kristin Partin Photography Brittany & Kelly Jackson_1107Kristin Partin Photography Brittany & Kelly Jackson_1108Kristin Partin Photography Brittany & Kelly Jackson_1109Kristin Partin Photography Brittany & Kelly Jackson_1110Kristin Partin Photography Brittany & Kelly Jackson_1111Kristin Partin Photography Brittany & Kelly Jackson_1112

Wedding Location : Tabernacle United Methodist Church

Reception Location : Blue Pete’s Seafood Restaurant

Wedding colors : Ruby, natural, grey

In 4 words how would you describe your wedding? “simple, rustic, relaxed, love”

What were you inspired by? “My mother’s veil, which I’m wearing for the wedding. I’m inspired by vintage, rustic things that are beautiful by just being simple”

Wedding Dress : Wendy’s Bridal in Cincinnati by Allure Bridal

Bridesmaids Dresses : Etsy, The Radical Thread Company

Grooms Suit : Men’s Warehouse

Groomsman’s Suits : Men’s Warehouse

Wedding Shoes : Coming Soon

Wedding Jewelry : Coming Soon

Florals : Country Flowers in Red Mill Commons

Cake : Gale Ferguson, Blue Pete’s Restaurant

So I know what you’re thinking. “Where’s the groom?! She does seniors?!?! This aint no wedding!” and the answers are ….there isn’t one,¬†ABSOLUTELY and you’re right, this is a Senior session! I love senior portraits…..they are my very favorites. I like to get to know you and make you do fun things like spin around in circles in a big field of grass. Okay so that isn’t fun for you but it’s fun for me……

During our small break from weddings, I’m looking to book a handful of awesome seniors and to make the deal sweeter, I’m offering a free 5×5 album for YOU and one for your friend that books with me! They are the perfect size to fit in your purse or book bag to show off to your friends and they fit 20 of your favorite photos. So tell your friends, ask your parents and I’ll see you soon.

This is Xenna. The most beautiful, most shy and most adorable girl in the whole world. Well, besides her sister ;)


The field beside our house was filled with yellow buttercups a few weeks ago. Of course, all I could think about was how perfect they would be for photos. So, I called up my three closest sessions and asked if they would be interested in moving them up to take advantage of the field of yellow. They were all excited about the unique location and we rescheduled. It made for the prettiest of photos and here is a little preview.

This decision has endearingly given me the nickname around the farm….. “buttercup”. I guess it could be worse, right? At least it’s not “bozo”.


Florals : Anne Lewis Designs (my really talented mother in law! Brides, hire her…she is amazing!)

And by the way…in case you thought I just randomly mentioned the nickname, “Bozo”, I didn’t. My husband earned that nickname around here somehow;)

Kelsey grew up here, in this home.. with her adorable family (including her identical twin sister). That threw me for a loop…..but that story is for another day. There’s something so special about getting married on your own land where your little feet were just years before. It’s nostalgic and it makes me feel REALLY honored to be there…like here, come be a part of these memories upon memories, we believe in what you do! Talk about stopping your heart. The cool thing about this wedding was not only did I know Kelsey was beautiful beyond words, she has incredible fearless style, too. She has excellent taste in clothes, design & men. Specifically, Jesse. He is stylish, sweet and adores who she is…even from across the ocean (stationed in Naples, Italy). I know, he’s that cool.

Their unique relationship is evident to everyone and with that kind of love, I can’t help but be excited….even after 8 hours of backyard muddy-ness. So please, enjoy this backyard wedding in Gloucester, Virginia. Even nearly 1 year later, it is still on my heart & my mind.


Wedding location : parents house, Gloucester VA

Wedding colors : peach, grey, mint & gold

In 4 words, describe what you were inspired by : vintage, eclectic, spontaneous & romantic

Wedding Dress : Watters by Wtoo and purchased at Bella Rosa Bridal

Wedding Shoes : Vera Wang

Wedding jewelry : borrowed

Florals : wholeblossoms.com

Cake : Kelsey made it!

Bridesmaids Dresses : all different, tobi, asos, modcloth, urbanog

Grooms tux : J. Crew

Groomsmen Tux : H&M