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Just a bunch of random information, this post.

On Monday, April 11 (yes, the one coming up) I am offering an all day mentoring session with a beautiful bride in Nags Head. If you’re a photographer looking to get started, come along for an 8 hour drive and we’ll chat about business, editing and what my favorite candy bar is. You’re welcome to keep all of your photos and use them in your portfolio. I’ll even throw in a mini session for you on the beach-great for headshots. We’ll go over posing, interacting, how to compose a good photograph and how to use one spot for lots of photos.

If you’re already a photographer in the BIZ and just need some fresh portraits to add or blog, I’d love to have you as well. I won’t pretend like I know everything because I certainly don’t. We’ll just hang out and bounce ideas off of each other and talk about polar bears & slurpees. I’ll throw in headshots for you, as well.

there is ONE spot so email me for more information.
subject : mentoring session

also, I attended a fabulous five year olds birthday party last saturday and here is some footage from her day. videography is my weakness and i hope you enjoy

I just counted how many stink bugs that are currently flying about my office and the total is 6. yuck.

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