SO EXCITED, personal

When I was 15ish (I think) I had a subscription to Brio Magazine…a Christian magazine for young girls. Anyone? okay.

anyway. there was a part at the back of a particular magazine where you could fill out a bit of information about yourself and Brio would match you up with a penpal. I was excited and anxiously waited for my new friend’s letter. About two weeks later, it was there waiting for me in the mailbox. She had drawn all over the envelope and the notebook paper was lined with stickers…she drew my name in bubble letters and we started chatting about how old we were, where we lived and our favorite color. It started there…and we have corresponded via posted mail for years. No phone calls, no texting, no email…only hand-written letters and the occasional thoughtful gift. there are a ton! I have never heard her voice…I’ve seen pictures but never met her. She is very special to me. I know about her family, where she’s lived, I know a bit about all 17 boys she’s introduced me to in words and I know that she’s a rock climbing extraordinaire. When we first started writing she lived in Huntington Beach, California…and we have the (almost) same birthday. We are the same age…and we found that so amusing. I still do, actually. Complete strangers, but I know her. She is very dear to me.

all that to say….I GET TO MEET HER TONIGHT! She is here, in MY town! In the words of my julie friend, ‘I get to finally find out if you’re a pretty photographer from virginia or a grumpy creepy old man’.

I am really so excited. Do you all think I’m weird now? crap. oh well….I don’t care what you think.


the necklace she made me for my birthday this year


cute little thing, her.


my wedding post card <3